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Wills Lawyers Adelaide

Wills Lawyers Adelaide

Wills Lawyers Adelaide

Do you need Wills Lawyers Adelaide?

Our team of Wills Lawyers Adelaide at Deegan Lawyers are compassionate and professional when organising your asset division. Making arrangements early is extremely important and will give your family certainty and clarity through the grieving process. Our Wills Lawyers Adelaide take care of the legalities and provide a smooth transition for your loved ones.

During this time, there’s many aspects to consider:

Wills- We’ll create a legally binding document for the division of your assets that best reflects your wishes after you pass.

Power of Attorney – We’ll help you find the right person to make decisions on your behalf when you’re physically unable to.

Advanced Care Directives- If you’re unable to make decisions for yourself, with an Advanced Care Directive (ACD) will ensure your wishes are granted. This directive is legally enforced should you be affected by illness of injury.

About Deegan Lawyers

When creating your Will there are many things to consider, that’s why you need specialised Wills Lawyers Adelaide. Our team will carefully draft a Will that is legally valid and gives your family the ultimate clarity and reassurance. With thorough documentation, we’ll help you minimise the possibility of any potential claims against your Will after you’re gone. Let us take the stress out of the administration process and provide you with ongoing advice for your best interests. We’ll make sure the transference of property, grant of Probate, redemption of superannuation and investments is taken care of.

Keeping your loved ones, interests and assets protected after your passing is our number one objective. Our Wills Lawyers Adelaide will help you plan your legacy and make your final wishes their priority. We started Deegan Lawyers as a family-owned business and understand the importance of reassuring your family after you pass.

Wills Lawyers Adelaide
Wills Lawyers Adelaide

Frequently Asked Questions

Organising your assets can be a stressful time and tough decision-making process, that’s why you need expert Wills Lawyers Adelaide. Our team will happily answer all of your questions throughout the process and walk you through each step.

Here’s some commonly asked questions:

What happens if I die without a Will?

Your assets could be divided according to a legal formula which may not be aligned with your preferences. Consequently, you will have no control over who is responsible for division management or how your assets are distributed.

Who will carry out the terms of my Will?

Part of creating a Will is appointing an Executor/s who will have control over your property and asset division.

What is Probate?

Probate is the process of registering and proving the last Will with the Courts when you die. This is usually needed to transfer real estate, funds or shares.

Start the process of organising your transition of assets with the experienced Wills Lawyers Adelaide at Deegan Lawyers. Don’t put off arranging your affairs and contact our team for professional advice and expertise. Call (08) 8338 1248 today for more information.


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