Wills & Estates Lawyers Adelaide

Wills & Estates Lawyers in Adelaide

Our Wills and Estates lawyers in Adelaide have been practising for years to accomplish the level of knowledge and empathy they acquire. Creating your own will can be a daunting process with many possibilities for error. Our team will carefully draft a Will that will be valid in the eyes of the law, to ensure that your loved ones, assets and more will be protected after you pass. Our Wills and Estates lawyers will keep a copy of the Will for you, however, we recommend that you keep the original copy of your Will in a safe and secure location. To minimise difficulty after your passing, we encourage telling a loved one or the executor where your original copy is kept. Executors have the power to control your property after your passing and have the responsibility for dividing your assets in accordance with your Will.

Wills & Estates Lawyers Adelaide

The Deegan Lawyers Team

As experienced Wills and Estates lawyers in Adelaide, we provide custom and honest legal advice and representation for our clients and their loved ones. As a local and family-run law firm, we know the importance of understanding our clients situation and needs at a deeper level. This allows us to tailor our legal advice to ensure that we are providing the best legal solutions and advice to each situation. From your first consultation to the minute your case is resolved, we will be by your side demonstrating our dynamic nature and enthusiasm. Our team consist of passionate lawyers, dedicating their time to practising a broad range of legal services. As a full-service legal agency, we can offer our services for the following:

  • Criminal Law
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  • Wills & Estates

Probate Lawyers

As Wills and Estates lawyers, we are experts in Probate. Probate is the process of proving and registering the last will of a deceased person to the courts. Probate is not always necessary, however, in most cases, it’s required to allow the executor to handle the estate. Transferring real estate, money and shares all likely need Probate. In addition to this, most institutions will require you to provide a certificate from the Probate Registry. Our team are extremely competent to help you with Probate during a time that can be stressful and emotional. The rules imposed by the Supreme Court when making an application for Probate are extensive. If there are any errors in the application forms, this can result in unnecessary delay. Our wills and estates lawyers in Adelaide have a deep understanding and commitment to ensuring the Probate process is as smooth as possible.

Our Wills & Estates lawyers are passionate about our area of expertise and representing our clients. Providing tailored legal advice and services, we ensure that we’re with you every step of the way. Call our team today on (08) 8338 1248.

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